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Stairlift Rentals

Need a stairlift but are looking for a lower-cost entry option? Then consider a stairlift rental from Maine Accessibility Corporation.

As little as $1,460 (depending on location) will get you a reliable new or professionally refurbished rental stairlift installed on your stairs. This price even includes the first three months of rental. Whether it be for a short term recovery, a temporary home, or just to reduce the initial costs of buying new, a rental stairlift is an affordable solution for your accessibility, and can be installed on nearly all straight stairways.

Although our rental options are subject to availability, our rentals are new, or newer style professionally refurbished stairlifts that are loaded with features for use and safety.

If you're interested in finding out more about our rental options, contact one of our accessibility consultants today at 1-866-947-7532.

Rental Rates

We charge as little as $1,460 (depending on location) for the initial delivery and installation of a stairlift. This charge includes measuring your stairs, cutting the rail to fit your stairs, complete installation, and the first 3 months of rent.

After the first 3 months, the rental charge is $120 per month or $110 per month on auto pay.

Benefits Of Renting

Still debating about renting a stairlift? Take a look at some of the numerous benefits of renting:

Warranty: While renting, the stairlift is always under warranty. You will never pay for your rental to be repaired if it ever should break down.

Preventative Maintenance: We come to perform regular maintenance as part of your rental plan to keep the lift running at peak performance.

Newer style, if not new, stairlifts: Our stairlifts are feature packed, efficient, battery operated stairlifts. They are the same or better than what you would most likely get if you were to buy one.

Purchase program: If at any time you decide you want to keep the stairlift, we will put half of all your regular payments (not including the initial charge) toward the purchase price of the lift.